Peru ( PE )

Peru is one of the centers of ancient civilization, from the Norte Chico civiliation which existed as early as 3,000 BC to possibly the most well known, the Incas. The country also boasts many natural wonders, with the Andes running through it as well as a strip of Amazon rainforest. Huacachina is a tiny oaysis town, built around a natural lake, and surrounded by giant sand dunes. Tourists love to rent dune buggy rides for a thrill on these giant dunes. Chan Chan was the largest city in pre-Columbian America, once boasting a population of 30,000 people. The ruins are well preserved and beautiful. Mancora is a small town with Peru's best sandy beach, and features many top notch beach resorts and restaurants. Iquitos is the Peruvian launching point into the Amazon River, and is the world's largest city that cannot be reached by road. The Nazca Lines were created between 200 BC and 700 AD, and you can find flight tours in the town of Cessna to view the lines. The Uros Islands on Lake Titicaca are made of dried totora reeds and are one of Peru's most popular tourist attractions. in the center of the historic section of Cuzco, lies the Plaza de Armas, which was originally built by the Incas but is still there today! Colca Canyon in southern Peru is more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon and is the premier place to viewe the amazing Andean condors. Macchu Picchu is one of the most impressive and beautiful ancient sites in the world, and is Peru's number one tourist destination. Peru is a mecca of history and beauty. Book your trip to Peru today!